6. Establish an Underground Economy Unit within the Office of the District Attorney

As the proud son of a U.S. Army veteran who raised his family into the middle class through his hard work at a union job, Jack Stollsteimer will use his office to protect the rights of our Brothers and Sisters in Labor.

As District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer will establish the office’s first Underground Economy Unit to prosecute employers who exploit workers or take work from responsible businesses through fraud and illegality.

The unit will use its independent statutory authority to prosecute the misclassification of workers and actively investigate contractors that use labor brokers and take advantage of vulnerable workers and responsible contractors. The unit will actively prosecute prevailing wage violations, using tools such as false swearing, theft of wages, failure to deposit funds and the corrupt organizations act to end these unlawful dispositions of public funds. Human trafficking, in any form, will be vigorously prosecuted.

Delaware County will not be a venue for businesses that violate our fair labor laws – they will be prosecuted.

7. Establish an Environmental Crimes Unit within the Office of the District Attorney

As District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer will establish the office’s first Environmental Crimes Unit to investigate and prosecute violations of state environmental laws related to the processing, transportation, storage, or disposal of municipal, residual and hazardous waste. The goal of this unit will be to better protect our shared constitutional right to “….clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment.” Pennsylvania Constitution, Article I, Sect. 27.

8. Establish a Gun Violence Task Force within the Office of the District Attorney

In 2001, Jack Stollsteimer was tasked by the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania with implementing the District’s Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) program. PSN encourages federal prosecutors to create task forces which partner with community groups and local law enforcement to develop, implement, and evaluate data-driven violence reduction strategies with the goal of preventing gun violence in at risk communities.

As District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer will apply the PSN community engagement task force approach to reduce gun violence in Delaware County.  Jack will work with public and private partners to implement a Focused Deterrence project in the City of Chester. A Focus Deterrence Initiative in South Philadelphia has been credited with reducing gun related homicides in that area by 35% through intensive community mobilization and effective social services delivered to those individuals identified as most likely to “shoot or be shot.”   

9. Implement a Community Prosecution model for our criminal courts

Law enforcement professionals have long recognized the benefits of "community policing" strategies in reducing crime and improving the quality of life for residents. Community Prosecution strategies operate on the same strategic concept of grassroots, proactive community engagement and involve both traditional and nontraditional prosecutorial initiatives. Community Prosecution programs have existed since 1990, including initiatives in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, and have been endorsed by the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA).

As District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer will work with our Board of Judges and the Office of the Public Defender to implement a community prosecution model based on a “zone prosecution system.” Under this model, each of the county’s criminal courts will be assigned cases from a specific geographic area of the county. This model will allow the prosecutors, public defenders, and judges assigned to those courts to work more closely and efficiently with the same police officers, detectives, clergy members and community activists to better spot crime trends, to improve public safety and enhance the quality of life of community members.

10. Adopt Ethics and Transparency policies for the Office of the District Attorney

In Delaware County Assistant District Attorneys (ADA) are full time county employees but many work at other jobs, some even maintaining private law practices, which at the very least incompatible with their county employment and may constitute a conflict of interest.  

As District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer issue policy direction to his office’s employees which will require all full time ADAs to:

  1. devote their legal practice exclusively to their county jobs;

  2. require written approval of the District Attorney for part-time employment not incompatible with their county job; and

  3. require employees to resign their county position when seeking elected political office.

In addition, Jack will ensure the office’s public expenditures are posted on the Office’s website for public inspection. The District Attorney should be accountable to county taxpayers for expenditure of public funds whatever their source.