Fair and Just.

Jack Stollsteimer is the experienced, fair, and independent prosecutor we need as Delaware County District Attorney to protect our communities and restore faith in our criminal justice system.

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A Deadly Prison Funded With OUR Tax Dollars

“Critics argue that all of the problems that made privately run prisons a poor investment are still present: the facilities are sometimes understaffed and unsafe — three inmates have died at a GEO-run detention center in California since March [2017] — and the companies are about as transparent as a cinder block, aided by the knowledge that few Americans will shed any tears if a bunch of prisoners claim they’re being mistreated.”

-David Gambacorta, for the Philadelphia Inquirer


De-privatize Delco’s corporate-owned prison

Reform our cash bail system

Implement evidence-based solutions to the opioid crisis

Reduce gun violence in our communities